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Trolls are creatures that come in different sizes and appearances; some are huge and bulked, whereas some are small and sly ready to deceive anyone to accomplish their task. The troll names are mostly short or without a surname as it is commonly known that most of the trolls are dumb but aggressive with a habit of eating other small animals/people. The troll name generator generates the name of trolls according to your specified traits and powers; it not only gives you the name but also tells you about the gender of the troll. Usually, the name of the troll resembles its characteristics or powers. The troll name generator gives you a list of names to choose from.

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The Home stuck Troll name generator provides a list of names to choose from, which are not only fresh but also unique as it searches all over the internet so that the output/ list of names given to you are not used by anybody else—looking for a new and unique name for your troll? The troll Name generator is the tool for you. You can check out more tools Playstation name generator

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Conclusion: The troll name generator gives you a list of names with gender to choose from. It provides you with names based on the ability you want your troll to possess. What are you waiting for? Get your troll a name.