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About this generator: Russia is the dominant country in the world, extending from eastern Europe to eastern Asia.

How does Russian Name generator work?

In Russian naming conventions regarding legal documents, the surname usually comes first, then the first name followed by a patronymic name, which is a name based on the father’s name.

You just have to filter the gender and select the length of the name, pick the initial letter, and there you go! You can check out more tools Movie Title Generator

Russian Name generator

Our random Russian name generator creates various options for you to choose from. Just click on the Russian last name generator and produce different exciting Russian names. You can specify to use a female or Russian male name generator.

You can also avail the option to have a whole new Russian identity having an address, phone number, email address, hobby, etc. using our random Russian name generator.

You can also translate it into English and know what your Russian name means.

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We know that it is difficult to think of a fantastic Russian name by yourself. It’s a tough task to come up with a perfect Russian name for your main lead in the script. Don’t worry. Our random Russian name generator comes to the rescue. Have fun and generate hundreds of attractive Russian Names using our Russian Name generator. Have a fake  Russian identity and flaunt it. Label your  Russian character using our unique tool and be stress-free about its status.

Good Luck!