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About this Chinese name generator

Getting a cool Chinese name is not just fun for tattoos, paintings, and calligraphy practice; it’s also a way to become closer to their culture. Use our Chinese name generator with meaning and have fun. China has the second-biggest total area of land and has the biggest population in the world.

How does it work?

Getting a cute name for Chinese characters can be difficult if you have to think for yourself. Here’s where our random Chinese name generator comes to rescue. Chinese names are always written with surname first, followed by their given name. Check also our more tools Minecraft nickname generator

Chinese name generator

Our random Chinese name generator uses an algorithm that picks excellent Chinese characters and evaluates the sound of your name. It gives you a name that has a similar tone and an extraordinary overall meaning in Chinese instead of random characters, which don’t make sense to Chinese speakers.

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To start, click on the button to generate a Chinese name, and you have got an option to select from the drop-down list. We’ve done our best to incorporate the Chinese naming conventions in our Chinese name generator with meaning to make it factually and ethnically accurate. It’s perfect for authors, inventors, and gamers who want to generate Chinese characters precisely. If you need African name generator  you can check


Have a Chinese citizen’s experience of having a cool Chinese name with some necessary details using our Chinese id number and name generator.

Have a great time.