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About this fantasy town name generator

The name of the town is generally the first impression on a person passing through or wishing to live there. You may need a label a town if you are a property developer. You can call it with the characteristics of the land in mind like its geographical location, historic importance, etc. It is also significant to name towns in fictional scripts, books, and games with a label that defines the town or city, whether that be dark and gloomy or in bright, positive light.

Fantasy name generator

Some fancy games like D&D you can create your own unique characters names and place labels and as the dungeon master it is vital to come up with notable names as you have to keep the players involved and excited. We hope this random fantasy town name generator will help you find awe-inspiring town names for whatever type of town you need to label.

How does it work?

Our fantasy town name generator provides a plethora of options to name a town, cities, villages, and other settlements. They’re all in a typical fantasy style, which serves in various settings and techniques of fiction. You can check App Name Generator

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Many works of fiction, whether it’s a novel or a game, want to name places. Whiterun, Stormwind, Rivendell, Edgeville, and Springfield are just a few you might make out.

To create a right town name, it needs to describe your town, its beliefs, and traditions, whether it is fictional or real. Use our fantasy location name generator and creates unique, exciting names for your town.